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Igniting Passion Through Storytelling

05/14/2015 - By: Kristine Pregot, Senior Producer – Nice Shoes

Advertising Women of New York hosted a thought-provoking panel this morning. Engineering the Future of Content: How Brands are using Technology to Connect with Customers.

There is that buzz phrase again - ‘content creation,’ and with today’s technology, everyone has the ability to be a ‘content creator.’ Today’s discussion explored how brands are using new these technologies to distribute content and inspire communities. We were treated to explorations of a few case studies where content helped brands to ignite passion.

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from the Desk of Jessalin Lam - 05/01/2015

Join ​Inspiration Alliance's Panel: Career Transitions - Should I Stay or Should I Go? on May 12th, 6:30PM to learn from a knowledgable set of panelists how they made their career transitions and got to where they are today. Speakers include Yahoo , Pinch Parties, and Hayden 5 Media. Catering Sponsor: SUNAC Fancy Food. Register at: