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from the Desk of Stacey Newman Weldon - 05/11/2016

After 9 years at Weight Watchers Media (where Stacey had been responsible for 40-50% of the magazine's revenue, as well as overseeing the integrated sales team), Stacey was recruited to join the newly structured Pharma group at Time, Inc. As part of the team that calls on Pfizer and other accounts, she represents the properties for Cooking Light, Health, Food & Wine, Coastal Living, Sunset and She enjoys the new focus on Solution Sales for her favorite accounts and looks forward to much success.

Changing the Game Awards – Recap

05/02/2016 - On April  7th 2016, AWNY’s Changing The Game Awards honored 20  women from the advertising industry. These individuals were recognized for their innovative ways to transform their brands, organizations, clients and industries. For the first time,  co-founders were honored at the event.

 The award ceremony was held at The Gotham Hall in midtown Manhattan. Before the luncheon, honorees and attendees mixed and mingled together. To start the ceremony, Amy Wilkins, the President of AWNY, took the stage and welcomed all guests. She announced some very exciting news that AWNY will now be expanding into Chicago with a few events in the pipeline as well. Following Amy’s remarks, COO of Bloomberg Media, Jacki Kelley, gave her opening remarks. She noted during her speech, “There is no shortage of data that shows companies perform better with women on the board and involved,” setting the tone for a wonderful event.

The emcee for the luncheon, Sheelah Kolhatkar, Features Editor and National Correspondent for Bloomberg Businessweek, approached the stage to get ready to introduce each category honoree. The first category to start the afternoon was the Brainwave category. This category recognized women who are changing the way a brand or product is marketed. The award winners were:

  • Farrah Benzer, Marketing Director, Halls & Candy NA, Mondelez International
  • Kathleen Hall, CVP Global Advertising & Media, Microsoft
  • Adrienne Lofton, SVP, Global Brand Marketing, Under Armour
  • Roxanne Taylor, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Accenture

A short video introducing each of the women was played while the women took to the stage.
The Brainwave category honorees had a discussion about “xxx” (what the emcee asked the group)

The Paradigm Shift category was next, which honored female executives changing the way an audience or customer segment is approached.  Award winners included:

  • Melissa Goidel, Chief Revenue Officer, Refinery29
  • Anna Griffin, Senior Vice President, CA Technologies
  • Katie Klumper, President of Business Leadership, KBS
  • Kari Kowalski, Marketing Media Manager, Pizza Hut
  • Mari Kim Novak, Chief Marketing Officer, Rubicon Project

After the introductory video wrapped up, a short panel discussion was held where each honoree gave one piece of advice they thought was important. The point that seemed to come up a couple of times was to take risks in your career, move to a new city or new role, and don’t be afraid of the unknown.

Next was the Quantum Leap category, where honorees are changing the way an organization is aligned to pro-actively meet new challenges. Honorees included:

  • Christina Beaumier, Senior Vice President, Xaxis
  • Linda Fitzsimmons, EVP, Managing Director, Zenith
  • Karen Kaiser, VP, Advertising, Dominos
  • Suzanne Powers, Chief Strategy Officer, McCann Worldwide
  • Shenan Reed, President Digital, North America, MEC

A great discussion was help amongst the women. One of the discussion topics was what each woman has learned at this point in their career that they wish they had known earlier. Christine Beaumier made an interesting comment, “go where the growth is”. In today’s world, this statement holds true with the various startups and new companies. It may seem nerve-wracking to take the plunge into the growing industry or role, but as Beaumier pointed out, you will be doing something that has never been done before.

The final category was the No Apologies category. This category honored women who are creating whole new business models, industries, or marketplace opportunities. The Honorees were:

  • Bettina Hein, Founder & CEO, Pixability
  • Katharine Zaleski & Milena Berry, President & CEO, Co-Founders, PowerToFly
  • Amy Jain & Daniella Yacobovsky, Co-Founders, BaubleBar
  • Gina Waldhorn, Co-Founder & COO, Evol8tion

There was a discussion held where each honoree gave their advice on how to work well with your co-founder. Some great points were made by each of the 6 women.

Nearing the end of the afternoon, Amy returned to the stage to thank everyone for their attendance and a final congratulatory applause for the 20 women awarded. Each of the honorees had very interesting insight and tips on being a woman in the workplace and breaking through the glass ceiling.

The 2016 AWNY Changing the Game Awards were presented in collaboration with presenting sponsor Bloomberg Media, title sponsor Rubicon Project, wifi sponsor Kargo, and video sponsor Universal McCann.